Yoga for your Back – 20 Minutes Yoga Class

Relax your spine, strenghten your back and abdominal muscles. Prevent back problems and feel recharged. 20 minutes of Yoga for beginners

and intermediate students. Sukadev of Yoga Vidya guides you through the following Hatha Yoga Exercises: Relaxation, Nakarasana

(crocodile), Navasana (boat for strengthening the abdomen), supported Sarvangasana (simplified shoulderstand), Matsyasana (fish), Leg

stretch, Shalabhasana (bird’s pose), Majariasana (cat’s pose), Shavasana (final relaxation). Demonstrated by Carlotta and Aruna, yoga

teachers at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany. More Infos .Music by Yogi Hari . More Videos on

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