Effective Ways to Control Asthma

The biggest part of being able to effectively control the many symptoms of asthma is to continuously keep your family health care provider informed of the various symptoms that you experience, as well as activities and situations that cause each of the symptoms to occur. It is also very important to keep your doctor informed on how well the various types of prescription medications that he has prescribed to you are working.

Although there is no known cure for asthma and its many symptoms that millions of individuals experience on a daily basis, there are however some very effective methods of being able to treat and control the uncomfortable and bothersome symptoms that it is so known for causing.

Through continued study and research that has been, as continually being done in the scientific and medical field, there is a wide variety of over-the-counter drugs and prescription form medications that are available that work very well at controlling asthma symptoms. One of the most common types of medications that physicians prescribe to asthmatic patients is inhalers that are made with anti-inflammatory drugs. An anti-inflammatory is a medicine known as a steroid that can help a great deal in strengthening the body’s airway passages. It is also very effective at reducing the amount of swelling and mucus that can make it very hard for a person to breathe correctly.

A bronchodilator is another common medication that is used to strengthen the airway passages. The three types of bronochodilators that are commonly used would include short acting (anticholinergics) that are used for rescue relief immediately, long-acting bronchodilators (theophylline) that are used to help a person control and better be able to prevent the symptoms of asthma, and then there are the short and long acting (agonists).

Making various changes within a person’s lifestyle can also go a long ways to prevent and control the uncomfortable symptoms of asthma. This would include paying special attention to the various allergens that trigger your symptoms, and trying to stay away from them whenever possible. Limiting the amount of strenuous exercises and activities is e also a good way to successfully reduce the number of symptoms that are experienced. Air-purifiers, mist machines, and other devices are also very effective for helping some individuals control and sometimes completely avoid the symptoms of asthma. Just because has has yet to be an effective cure for asthma and the symptoms that are associated with this type of serious medical condition, it does not mean that there are not a variety of ways that a person can control and in many cases prevent the symptoms from occurring.

If you are one of the many people that suffer continuously from asthma symptoms, make an appointment to speak with your family physician. In many cases just changing the specific types of medications you are on can help to relief the bothersome symptoms. Over time some prescriptions may even need to be prescribed in a stronger dosage.