Basic Information Regarding Tourettes Syndrome

Tourettes is a well known syndrome that can occur when there is a lack of development in specific areas or problems that happen in the brain and spinal cord of an individual, which is otherwise referred to as a person’s Central Nervous System. Although there have been cases of tourettes syndrome occurring in individuals that had no family history of the disorder, it is generally one that runs in families. According to various studies and research projects, there are more women that suffer from the syndrome than men. In most cases the symptoms of this syndrome first appear when a child is about 7 years old. However, it is not uncommon for the symptoms to appear in a person that is in their teenage years.

When an individual begins to show the signs and symptoms of having this type of disorder, there are a few common symptoms that they begin to experience. One of these signs is the physical tics that tourettes patients will experience. Some of the most common symptoms that a person may experience would include involuntary movements of the body, such as sudden movement of the hands or the feet, continuous blinking, and twitches of the face. Another common symptom of this disorder is vocal tics. This is when the individual makes noises and sometimes spoken words that are completely involuntary. Although it only happens on rare occasions, the rumor is true that tourettes patients can sometimes suddenly blurt out a long line of inappropriate and offensive words.

Although the symptoms that are associated with tourettes syndrome are generally mild, they can often be extremely embarrassing to the individual. There are many individuals with this syndrome will also experience problems with low self-esteem, depression, and even becoming the target of bullying.

Studies of this syndrome have revealed that the bothersome and frustrating tics that many patients experience will often decrease or lessen as the patient gets older. There are, however, some cases where the tics a person experiences will actually become much worse when the individual grows older, instead of getting better. This of course is a problem that can interfere a great deal in many different areas of the individual’s life. Another factor that has been revealed in various studies is that the symptoms associated with this disorder can become worse if the individual happens to be in a stressful type of situation. For this reason, and whenever it is possible, it can help if the patient would try to avoid any type of situation that can escalate to becoming a stressful situation. Patients that notice stress to be a factor that has an affect on the tics that they experience can also learn various different ways that can help them effectively deal with stress and help them to remain calm in situations that can cause stress.

Although there is no known evidence that has been found for the exact cause of this type of syndrome, there are studies and research projects that are continuously being performed to better help the patient suffering from the disorder, as well as the specialized physicians and counselors that are helping to treat the disorder.

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